Amanda Stoker at March for Life 2018


Thank you one and all for being here to send a clear message to all those who govern, that children matter.

We know that the measure of a society is how we treat those who cannot speak for themselves. Now that includes some people who are ill or disabled. It includes the aged. It includes children, but it must also include the unborn.

In so many ways, we as a society have dropped the ball on this important measure.  Elder abuse is rising. Children in care face enormous life challenges and we particularly failed Aboriginal children living in some of Australia's remote communities.  Children and babies may not be able to vote, but we must ensure that they are heard and protected by all those who govern.

A grown man or woman is capable of the agency required to make decisions about their sexual conduct, contraception, the consequences thereof, but a child who is the product of those decisions, has no such agency.  And it is incumbent upon those who speak, who can speak, to defend their interests always.

I'm so grateful that all of you are here to speak and to show how much we support those who cannot speak for themselves.

We know, the most fundamental human right, is the right to life itself.

Article 6 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights provides that every human being has the inherent right to life. This right shall be protected by law.  No one shall be arbitrarily deprived of his life. This is our most basic responsibility at international law. It's meant to underpin all of the laws of this land.

So attempts in this context to suggest that a foetus is something less than human, are mere justification, flying in the face of the scientific investment and progress that has been made to ensure the viability of prematurely born babies.

The focus of lawmakers in Queensland should be on how women facing unplanned pregnancy can be supported into making decisions to either raise a child or to offer a child for adoption to the very many couples we know who face infertility.

I promised to be brief so I shall finish where I began.  The measure of our society is what we do to speak for, to protect those who cannot speak for themselves.  Thank you so much for being here to fight for it today.

Thank you.